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In A Mellow Tone (IAMT)
A Tribute to
Ron Sweetman
Concert @ GigSpace Nov. 30, 2019
Music and IAMT Blog Links 

In conjunction with the tribute concert series hosted by Ron’s family and presented at GigSpace, here are some links related to the set list of songs curated for the show we presented on November 30, 2019. Click on the song title for the Youtube (or other) link; you can probably find a lot of these tracks on streaming services.  These are mostly the actual recordings that Ron played over a number of years. 

You can view the concert program here.

Click on the date for the IAMT blog links (in some cases for the IAMT blog, you’ll need to do a wee bit of scrolling along to find the show date — it’s the same link for the same song title — but it’s worth it to read Ron’s comments and see the other titles he featured on the particular program). I have also included links to some of the numbers we presented that were not featured on Ron’s show/IAMT blog but were clearly enjoyed by the audience as well as any that we did not have time to perform. I hope to present the show again sometime. And I hope that you’ll enjoy reliving our concert if you attended or discovering our set list if you were not at the show.

In A Mellow Tone (In A Mellotone) Program Theme Recording

In a Mellow Tone    April 13, 2011
Artist: Duke Ellington
Album: Live at the Blue Note
Tune: In A Mellow Tone
Label: Roulette

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love   May 4, 2011 
Artist: Adia Ledbetter
Album: Take Two: Rendezvous With Yesterdays
Tune: I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Label: JazziJua

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love   May 27, 2009 
Artist: Benny Goodman
Album: Genius of Electric Guitar
Tune: I Can’t Give You Anything But Love
Label: Giants of Jazz

Little White Lies   March 27, 2013
Artist: Stacey Kent (same birthday, March 27, as Ron)
Album: Special Collection II
Tune: Little White Lies
Label: Candid

September In the Rain  (Sarah Vaughan) 

September Song   September 18, 2013 
Artist: Don Byas
Album: Moon Nocturne
Track: September Song
Label: Quadromania (may or may not be this recording)

September Song    March 27, 2013
Artist: Sarah Vaughan (same birthday, March 27, as Ron)
Album: Sarah Vaughan
Tune: September Song
Label: EmArcy

September Song    July 7, 2010
Artist: Tomas Ulrich/Ralph Sturm/Michael Bisio
Album: Lonely House
Tune: September Song (Can’t find recording online)
Label: CIMP

Alone Together    July 3, 2013
Artist: Don Vickery Trio
Album: Alone Together
Tune: Alone Together  (oops, this song wasn’t actually played on Ron’s show but enjoy anyway!)
Label: Cornerstone

Alone Together    February 20, 2008
Artist: Chris Anderson/ Charlie Haden
Album: None But the Lonely Heart
Tune: Alone Together
Label: Naim

Alone Together    February 29, 2012
Artist: Howard McGhee/Benny Bailey Sextet
Album: Home Run
Tune: Alone Together (starts at 37:18)
Label: Storyville

Alone Together    July 15, 2009
Artist: Roberto Magris Trio
Album: Kansas City Outbound
Tune: Alone Together
Label: PCAMI

Alone Together    August 10, 2008
Artist: Art Farmer
Album: Aztec Suite
Tune: Alone Together
Label: Blue Note

Embraceable You     May 4, 2011
Artist: Susie Meissner
Album: I’m Confessin’
Tune: Embraceable You (couldn’t find on Youtube but here’s a link with a little taste on CD Baby of Susie’s version)
Label: Lydianjazz

Embraceable You     October 27, 2010
Artist: Sarah Vaughan
Album: Sarah Vaughan
Tune: Embraceable You
Label: Verve
“GREAT LADY JAZZ SINGERS: Ron’s suggestions for the six finest lady jazz singers chronologically Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington and Sheila Jordan.”

Embraceable You   May 5, 2010
Artist: Kirk MacDonald
Album: The Revellers
Tune: Embraceable You
Label: Unity

Embraceable You     January 18, 2012
Artist: Remi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble
Album: Homage à Charlie Parker
Tune: Embraceable You
Label: Effendi

Some Other Time  (my current fave version)

I Was a Little Too Lonely (And You Were a Little Too Late)
(For those of you who attended the concert, you may remember this introduction that I shamelessly stole from Bria…but who knows where she got it!?)

I Told Ya I Love Ya (Now Get Out)

Rose Room    July 16, 2008
Artist: Benny Carter
Album: Legendary Radio Broadcasts
Tune: Rose Room
Label: Storyville

Rose Room     May 27, 2009
Artist: Benny Goodman
Album: Charlie Christian
Tune: Rose Room 
Label: Masters of Jazz

Rose Room     December 22, 2010
Artist: Teddy Wilson Trio
Album: Teddy Wilson Solo Big Band – CD7
Tune: Rose Room
Label: Storyville

Vivo Sonhando (Dreamer)

Dreamer  (a video excerpt from my Ella tribute concert in 2017)

A Beautiful Friendship  (from the debut CD on Justin Time Records by the superb Montreal-based vocalist Laura Anglade and her terrific musical collaborators. Am I a fan? Oh yah!)

Nuages    January 23, 2013
Artist: Andre Ekyan
Album: Nuages
Tune: Darktown Strutters Ball
Label: Membran 

Nuages    May 18, 2011
Artist: Paul Desmond
Album: Pure Desmond
Tune: Nuages
Label: CTI

Nuages    February 18, 2009
Artist: Hot Club de Norvege
Album: Django Music
Tune: Nuages
Label: Hot Club

It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)    July 24, 2013
Artist: Svetlana Shmulyian
Album: Baby It’s Cold Outside
Tune: It Don’t Mean A Thing [If It Ain’t Got That Swing]
Label: Universal

It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)    October 19, 2011
Artist: The Boswell Sisters
Album: The Boswell Sisters Collection Vol. 3
Tune: It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
Label: Storyville

It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)   November 9, 2011
Artist: Ernestine Anderson
Album: Mercury Songbook, Disc 2
Tune: It Don’t Mean A Thing
Label: Mercury

It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)   June 5, 2013
Artist: Vic Vogel Jazz Big Band
Album: Le Big Band
Tune: It Don’t Mean A Thing
Label: Grudge Music Group

It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)   December 12, 2012
Artist: James Spaulding
Album: Plays the Legacy of Duke Ellington
Tune: It Don’t Mean A Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing
Label: Storyville

Ron’s introduction to the December 24, 2008 playlist is one of my favourites: “In the hope of getting you up and dancing, I’ve chosen seven sets of very danceable jazz and rhythm ‘n’ blues, including some of my personal favourites. So, have a drink, choose a partner and off we go!

It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)   December 24, 2008
Artist: John Hicks
Album: Friends Old & New
Tune: It Don’t Mean A Thing (can’t find recording but here’s more info.)
Label: Novus

If You Could See Me Now   November 19, 2008
Artist: Sheila Jordan with Vienna Art Orchestra
Album: Quiet Ways: Ballads
Tune: If You Could See Me Now (I had to cut this one for time but will do it at my next gig; can’t find exact recording online; enjoy this!)
Label: Amadeo

If You Could See Me Now   November 23, 2011
Artist: Dannie Richmond
Album: Ode to Mingus
Tune: If You Could See Me Now (starts at 30:18)
Label: Soulnote

If You Could See Me Now   (Sarah Vaughan)
Tadd Dameron wrote this song for Miss Vaughan and I love this rendition)

Bridge Over Troubled Water

59th St. Bridge Song    January 6, 2010
Artist: Kristina
Album: Offshore Echoes
Tune: The 59th Street Bridge Song (couldn’t find on Youtube but here’s a link with a little taste on CD Baby of Kristina’s version)
Label: Patois

Sophisticated Lady    February 22, 2012
Artist: Coleman Hawkins
Album: Coleman Hawkins Retrospective 1929-1963
Tune: Sophisticated Lady (can’t find the exact one so here’s another)
Label: Bluebird 1995

Sophisticated Lady    April 13, 2011
Artist: Duke Ellington
Album: Live at the Blue Note
Tune: Sophisticated Lady (starts at 32:57)
Label: Roulette

Sophisticated Lady    June 17, 2009
Artist: Alison Burns & Martin Taylor
Album: 1:am
Tune: Sophisticated Lady (Still looking for the track but for now, please enjoy this version by Karrin Allyson)
Label: P3

Shall We Dance?    October 3, 2007
Artist: Stacey Kent
Album: Collection II
Tune: Shall We Dance?
Label: Candid

Shall We Dance?  (Stacey Kent)


RADIO HOST — I had the great pleasure of hosting Swing Is In The Air for about a year in the mid-2000s and it was not only loads of fun but a wonderful learning experience. To this day, I can credit improvements on how I present comments to a live audience to some of the techniques I learned while training to be an on-air host. Thanks to the great team at Swing and CKCU FM as well as to all who listened in and chatted with me online (and those who phoned and sent personal emails) in regards to some of my shows.  And a special thanks to the iconic founders of CKCU jazz programs Swing Is In The Air and In A Mellow Tone Jacques Emond and Ron Sweetman. These gentlemen invited me to guest host on their shows a few times which led to my hosting Swing. Although they have sadly left us to join that great radio station in the sky, I think of them often with fondness and appreciation.

My programs focused mostly on the exploration of vocal jazz and often featured thematic presentations about singers and songwriters of the Great American Songbook and beyond. This is not to say that I didn’t play instrumental music but for the most part on my Sundays, the crooner was king and the chanteuse was queen!

The dedicated Swing team continues to offer excellent programming every Sunday afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on CKCU FM 93.1 or via live streaming at (where you can also listen to archived programs on demand).

Thanks for listening!

Nice mention in a recent Ottawa Life magazine article about the 2019 edition of the Ottawa Grassroots Festival. 

I attended Jazz Camp for the first time in August 2019 and had a fantastic experience which I hope to repeat! I highly recommend it.

Karen performing at the Vocal Intensive concert at JazzWorks Jazz Camp August 2019